Don’t Get Into Him Too Soon – You Aren’t Winning his Love This Way

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Take your time, rushed love never lasts for long.

Men are complicated creatures and in regard, opposite to women. Men do not like easy attention. Thousands of years of evolution have made all the men chase after the things they want. Men today, are just civilized hunters, of course they haven’t abandoned their evolutionary roots!

Men want to chase you. They want to work for your attention. Showering them with attention in the form of frequent texts, phone calls and clingy vibes will only make him distant from you. Don’t give yourself to him too easily and make him work for it.

Keeping the aforementioned facts in mind, we have drawn up a list of possible pitfalls and ways to deal with them:

  1. Text and forget!

Do not, in any case, send two texts in a row. Follow one rule when it comes to texting: text and forget. You sending multiple texts would show him that you have no life and therefore needy for him to give you attention. Instead, make him feel like that you’re busy with your own stuff and it’s a blessing for him to have received a text from you.

  1. Availability

We understand that you really want to hang out with him a lot but… you cannot always have what you want. If you want to keep a man’s attention, then don’t always be available when he wants to hang out. Instead, be busy sometimes, tell him that you already have plans with your friends or you can just tell him that you don’t feel like hanging out at the moment.

  1. Open Book

Most women are open-books when it comes to relationships. Well, ladies! Being an open book with a man is a bad idea. In the initial stages of a relationship, stay aloof. Be mysterious and be a riddle for him to solve. Do not reveal much about yourself or your life. Instead, make him invest in you. Make him talk about his life and his past. Soon, he will be restless to find out all about you and due to this reason, you will always have his full attention and concentration. At this stage, start revealing yourself at a very slow pace.  - Continue reading on the next page