Don’t Stop Yourself From Loving People Too Much, You’re Not Doing Anything Wrong

A Posted a year ago
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Don’t get turned off when people say that you’re trying too hard to make a love work. It’s not your fault. Everyone should always work their hardest to make love work in this world. Love is what keeps us alive; it’s what gets us out of bed every morning. Love is what drives us to pursue our passions, and we can’t afford to just turn away when things start turning sour. If there’s something broken in your love, try your best to fix it. Don’t walk away from love as if it isn’t a sparse commodity. A true and genuine love can be difficult to find nowadays because too many are treating it as taboo.

The hills of love can prove to be very slippery slopes for most people. We all crave for it throughout various points in our lives. We have the ability to procure a genuine love for just about anything or for anyone. We could have a love for our parents, our siblings, our friends, our hobbies, our art, and objects. When we do offer that love, we find that it is best experienced when the love is returned towards us. A love reciprocated is a love shared, and we know that a shared love is what we are all searching for in life. So why is it that some of us get overwhelmed when love comes our way? Why do we crumble under the pressure and not know how to react when someone expresses a deep sense of love and affection of us? Is it because we feel unworthy of this love, or is it because we find ourselves unable to reciprocate it? Or maybe perhaps it’s a combination of both? This is what I mean when I say love is a slippery slope. It’s not always black and white. There are plenty of grey areas that need to be navigated through, and I don’t understand why it has to be so difficult.

Some people are just love-addicts. They are deeply passionate people who have lots of love built up within them; all they need is a target for their affections, someone with whom they can shower their love upon. Love is a verb, after all; an action, and one needs to be on the receiving end of this action. If you find yourself being the kind of person who is completely comfortable with giving and feeling love for other people, that’s normal. You’re not a lone star, and you should know that there are plenty of people in the world who are like you. In fact, the world needs more people like you who are just all about that love without judgment and expectations. I know it can get discouraging when you start understanding how off-putting your love can be to some people. Sometimes, it’s as if you’re the odd-ball and that somehow, love is a taboo object. This kind of reception starts leading you to believe that maybe your love is invalid; that perhaps it’s wrong to be expressing your love in this manner to people. You start doubting yourself and the entire concept of love. You start questioning yourself as to whether the problem is with you or with the people around you. - - Continue reading on the next page