End your manipulative and controlling relationship by following these steps

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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We all have the tendency to be manipulated or dominated to extreme levels by other people. When you are in a manipulative and controlling relationship, you would feel like you are not getting to say things that openly. Which is why there will be times when you would want to end the relationship. The thing about such kind of manipulative and controlling relationships is that staying in them might not seem that difficult but when the time comes in order to break up with the person, things get quite hard. The reason is that manipulative people and controlling people would try their best to make you stay because it's a part of their nature. They're good at controlling and manipulating others which is why you haven't left them yet.

When you plan on breaking up with that person, the first thing that you have to ask yourself is whether you are actually going to break up or not. This question is important because unless you don't really want to break up, you would never be motivated to do so. Your motivation is how badly you want to live the life in which you will have your own rules.

It is quite understandable that living with a person who manipulates you into doing what they want or controls you to an extent that you believe you do not have a life of your own can be quite hard. The best thing to do is not getting too deep into such a relationship. There are a few signs which can tell you, in the beginning, that your partner will be quite controlling and that is when you need to make a decision if you're not okay with being controlled by someone.

If that time has passed and you are way too involved, then we have mentioned a few steps here which would help you in getting out of your scary relationship.

1. Look for signs which prove whether you are being controlled or not:

Starting with the most basic step. You have to look for signs that you are actually being controlled and manipulated. Make sure you gather as many signs as you can because you need to mentally convince yourself. If you actually like the person a lot, then leaving them would be difficult therefore you want the reasons to weigh more than the likeness for that person. Of course, initially it would not be that prominent that the person is trying to take over your life, but slowly and gradually it would start to increase. You have to notice that the person tries to go for their own choices instead of considering yours. Such as going out for dinner to a place that they want instead of going to the place where you want. Sometimes, it is okay, but this is just an example that would give you a hint of how they actually start to control you. *Continue reading on next page*