Why you're Still Single - even when you keep saying you want a relationship

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Have you ever been in an extremely scary situation? Maybe you were confronted by a bear or you were about to have a really bad accident or you barely saved yourself from falling down a flight of stairs. In a situation like this, it’s easy to actually be aware of what you’re feeling. You are afraid. And you know that the cause of this fear is a definite and actual threat to your physical safety.

There is an important purpose behind fear- keeping you safe. Because as soon as you start to feel it, you wish to escape that situation as quickly as possible. And this fear is what compels you to start taking action.

However, in terms of relationships, it becomes harder to identify fear. You’re not exactly dodging any bullets or actually sitting in a fear for your life. It’s not possible to have such a strong intuitive response. But this fear is still just as valid and essential to talk about.

The fears based on relationships (or “fear of intimacy” as some like to call it) usually come in two different forms. And once again, both of them serve the same purpose- keeping you safe. But unfortunately, these fears are also what keep you from ever enjoying a close and loving relationship.

Let’s look at both these fears individually and how they come into being:

Fear of getting abandoned

This fear will sound familiar to a lot of the readers.

Being part of a loving and committed relationship will require you to take risks. Getting to know another person fully and building intimacy with them will require you to leave yourself feeling vulnerable. And the minute you commit yourself to someone, and decide to share your love with them, you also leave yourself exposed to the risk of someone leaving you. - Continue reading on next page