Find Out What Type of Relationship Yours Is

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There are six major types of relationships, which one of these are you in?

Hooray for you! You’ve managed to land yourself the man or woman of your dreams! You’ve managed to find something that most people spend their entire lives trying to have. Love is a beautiful thing. It’s what makes the world go round. It’s what makes our morning coffee taste so much better. It’s what makes music so much more beautiful. It’s the reason we get out of bed every morning and live our harsh and difficult lives. Love is the reason we’re always willing to put up with whatever difficulties and trials are thrown our way because we know that love will always be worth it.

Not all relationships are created equal. Some relationships are toxic while others are nurturing. Some relationships are easy while others are difficult. Some relationships last for decades while others don’t even last a day. Some relationships are distant while others are closely-knit. The point here is that every relationship is going to be different. While it would be wrong to generalize, we feel that there are 6 probable types of relationships that can encompass all sorts of couples. Find out what type of relationship yours is by reading the rest of this article:

1. The Resource

In a “resource” relationship, you see your partner as someone who is vital in helping you achieve your own personal goals and dreams. You have set personal goals for yourself to accomplish and you see now way of achieving them without having your partner by your side. Your partner serves as your one-person support group. Your partner is your foundation and you feel like life is easier because you have your partner at your side. When the day comes that all your hopes and dreams come true, there’s no question who you want to be standing at your side.

2. The Paperweight

Most “resource” relationships are also the “paperweight” kind of relationships. The paperweight relationships are those when you see your partner as your home. Your partner is the only entity in this world that can tie you down and keep you grounded. Your partner is what keeps you from being blown away by strong winds. You see your relationship as the only way to make sure that you’re not caught on an endless drift to nowhere. Your paperweight is there to keep you focused and determined to achieve all that you want in life. You’ll never find yourself having your head in the clouds when your partner serves as your paperweight. - Continue reading on the next page