Five common relationship problems and how to solve them effectively

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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I’m sure by now; we’ve all established the little fact that the world is not a perfect place with equally perfect people. Life is not a chick flick where after every single disagreement or fight, he’ll show up at your doorstep with red roses in one hand and a basket of expensive chocolates in the other. It’s a rude and very real world, where after a disagreement, he won’t call for two weeks and go out with his friends and get drunk and forget all about you for the night.

No relationship is flawless and if conflicts aren’t handled intelligently by either partner, problems tend to blow out of proportion and take a turn to something serious enough to permanently damage your relationship. Thus, it’s important to know just how to solve the common relationship problems that arise all too often between couples.

1. Lack of proper communication

Good communication is the key to a successful relationship but unfortunately, not everyone can be an extrovert and not everyone can simply express how they’re feeling without thinking about their words twice. Most individuals aren’t able to completely reveal what and how they’re feeling to their partner without thinking about it a couple hundred times beforehand. This hesitance in speaking your mind is where the problem lies, you should be completely at ease with your partner, to the point where you’ll be able to tell them anything and everything you need to.

Even the most embarrassing of things such as your digestive problems (we’ve all been there). In a normal relationship, it’s good to want to talk all the time, no matter what it is that you talk about, just hearing each other’s voice for a good part of your day should be your aim.

So strike up a random conversation at every opportunity you get- it can be about mundane things like the weather or the broken coffee machine- as long as the two of you are talking.