Four Mistakes Women do that can end a relationship before it starts

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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The instant feeling of fluttering butterflies in your tummy is something all girls fantasize about. The perfect emotional and physical connection with someone is a rare finding. But once you do find it, then the way you take things on from there, is what decides the fate of that connection. You exchange contacts, plan dates and fantasize about a whole life ahead.

Talking to someone all day, sharing emotions, ideas and of course the intimacy that comes with it all is indeed a dream come true for most of us girls.

But sometimes, after a seemingly good start, things start changing. The guy either seems to become distant, starts pulling away or turns his back and starts ignoring.

But how come it went from okay to not okay just within days?

The way people deal with relationships varies from person to person. Some people, usually men, tend to require more time and space. They tend to breathe more in the moment than retrospect. Whereas women usually over think each and every detail and tend to jump to conclusions faster.

The thing is that although relationships are quite simple but a girl's over-indulgence and hyper thinking can sometimes turn it into a complex chaos. This attitude of the girl ruins further possibilities of a relationship. And what was supposed to be a blossoming relationship turns out to be a wreckage.

The 4 major mistakes that girls these days commit and that are destined to murder the possibility of a relationship are:

1. Dwelling more in fantasy than in reality:

The way it usually goes is that the girl already starts fantasizing about a lifelong relationship with a guy she has barely been on two dates with. The girl rushes it and starts focusing on the future possibilities than on the present. She lets the fairytale budding inside of her reflect in the way she acts. *Continue reading on next page*