To The Girls Who Need To Know They Deserve Better

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 9 months ago
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Here's to the time when he saw you crying and said, "Get over it", to the time when he made fun of your insecurities, to the time he told you that you needed to alter your appearance because he felt like you were ruining his 'image' and who can forget the time when people told you that you should suck it up because, "this isn't abuse". Here's to all that crap.

Let's get one thing straight, no one knowingly enters an abusive relationship. So, if you think that your friend should suck it up, then you're not worth calling a friend. She didn't know he'd be like this. Heck! She didn't ask for this. She saw a loving man she thought she could end up with, who'd be there for her night or day and whom she could confide in. Abuse isn't what anyone signs up for.

Everyone deserves their shot at a perfect relationship. I say this because everyone has a different definition of perfection. For some, it's traveling around the world while for others it's staying at home in a nice suburban neighbourhood. The part where a woman feels dejected and lost isn't perfect by anyone's definition.

The reason why people don't consider mental or verbal abuse as 'actual' abuse is because people don't associate harm with anything other than whatever leaves a mark on a person’s body. Do not think like that, please. If you broaden the definition of abuse then you'll be shocked as to how many people in your life are in or were in an abusive relationship. It might not leave a mark on your body, but it sure does leave a mark on how you think. - Continue reading on next page