12 ways healthy couples understand each other without using words

SB Posted 2 years ago
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A healthy relationship changes you as a person; you will be glowing like sunshine. I have been in a healthy and stable relationship for quite some time now and things are pretty good. I mean, we do have our ups and downs, we fight, we have arguments, but isn’t all of that an integral part of being a human being and making things work? Studies show that couples who fight and argue a lot have a lower chance of separating because arguments signify cause. Then again, some moments are so perfect that I wish I could collect them in a bottle like Professor Albus Dumbledore did and play them over and over again.

When you are in a healthy and stable relationship, you find more ways to convey your feelings than just words, the both of you develop a higher understanding. It’s like a mother that can understand what her baby wants, when the baby is doing nothing more than crying. My partner and I share silent moments of emotional outpouring all the time without saying a word.

  1. The eye of disapproval

You meet a person that you think is snobbish and that person just doesn’t click, you are trying to figure out if it’s just you. When you look at your partner, they have the same bland expression. You feel so proud at what you both have created out of this relationship and give one another the look of disapproval.