11 Kinds of guys who are TOTALLY worth your time

F J Posted 2 years ago
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This is to all those sweet hearts who have won our hearts over and over again. Despite of some acting like jerks, these men have always restored our faith in men.

I realised that we complain too much about how some men treat us (badly, that is) and we forget to really appreciate the men who have been nice to us, who have been kind to us. Who basically are the reason why we keep going out there, trying to find the right guy for us!

1. The kind of guy who always walks you home

Regardless of how far it is or how late it is, he takes it as his duty to get you home. This guy will ensure that you feel protected and actually are protected!

Such men are an example for all the others, these are the kind who will walk on that side of the walkway that faces the road. These are the kind who will stand behind us in the crowd, making sure we are protected from every side and that no one dares to make us feel uncomfortable.

2. The kind of guy who listens to all our rants

Ok! Here is a simple truth about men and women; Women talk too much and men can’t listen long enough.
That’s why we always find ourselves asking them if they remember what we told them, which they usually don’t and we end up feeling less important.

But these kind of guys will try hard and make an effort to show you that they could have been doing anything in the world but chose to be right there with you and for you. *Continue reading on next page*