7 Things that prove he Isn't good enough for you, or anyone

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Everyone has dreamt of their perfect wedding, from the dress till the bouquet, many young girls have planned their fairytale wedding down to the T. The truth is that even if you have a wedding covered by the tabloids, it isn't until after the marriage that everything starts to unravel. The dream ends right there, now it's time to look at the reality of things. You have a husband, you have a partner, you call him your soulmate but who's to say your Prince Charming isn't actually Sergeant Douche? Here are some signs to differentiate one from the other:

1. Treating you like a puppet.

On a scale of "just casually asking where are you to demanding to know what you bought and why", how controlling is your husband? There's a fine line between what you can deem as "cute", then it goes on to "acceptable", crossing over to "creepy" and finally reaches to down right "psychopathic". You are your own person and you might have vowed to stand by your husband through anything, but come on, you're not his property to take control of.

2. Being critical.

There is no scale for this sign, if your husband thinks that it's okay for him to criticise you about your looks, career or just criticise you in general, then he isn't owning up to his vows. Let's face it, perfection doesn't exist. There isn't a single person on Earth today that everyone can unanimously vote as the "world's most perfect person". Everyone has their preferences and your husband only got to be your 'husband' because he saw you as someone he would define perfection with. If your guy thinks that he gets to be a jerk to you and makes you feel down, then trust me, he's not worth it.