Here's How You'll Miss Out On True Love Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for some astronomical entertainment! Why are we even intrigued by what our zodiac sign has to say about us? I mean, most of us don't even believe that stars are able to tell us deep dark secrets about ourselves. We just look up at the sky and admire the pretty shiny things. Those pretty shiny things have astounded us quite a few times. Even if you don't agree that it's true, you must admit that some parts of it always are. You must've clicked on this article because you remember that time you read something about your sign and said "same".

Most of the articles you read regarding zodiac signs all tell you a positive trait that your star possesses. Oh look you're affectionate and warm, aw! No one's going to tell you that you're a pathological liar (you won't believe it anyway, see what I did there?). Where there's a good side, there's a bad side and this bad side is what we overlook since...well, it's bad.

However, if you're someone who's looking to be impressed at how accurate zodiac sign generalizations are, then you best read on. If you don't think your star sign is spot on, then read on what the other stars say. You might think it’s spot on for one of your friends or ex-lovers.


It isn't so much so that an Aries is afraid of commitment; it's more like they don't feel committed to one person. An Aries is considered to be the most adventurous of all the zodiac signs, both in their social and love lives. An Aries will probably drive their partner away by getting into a meaningless fling. Ironically, they'll know that it's meaningless! They won't necessarily have the affair because they see the other person as their ideal. They'll just notice the fact that it's a different person. I'm not trying to undermine anyone with this Zodiac sign, but it's what's most likely to happen. I hope it doesn't.


The Taurus Zodiac is represented by the symbol of a bull, and rightfully so. They can be the nicest people when you catch them in a good mood, but they can turn completely irrational at the slightest of things. They get so overcome with emotion that they forget to tell this from that. Once they cool down, they'll realise and they'll regret. However, it only takes a minute to destroy a relationship. When a Taurus sees their lover talking to someone they perceive as a threat, they'll completely lose it. They won't stop to think that it might be work-related or something like that. They'll immediately think of the worst case scenario. No matter how much someone tries to reason with them, they won't listen. One episode is as much as their partner can handle. Truth be told, it's not like they mean to be irrational, it just happens. They get jealous really easily and can't control their jealous rage afterwards. - Continue reading on next page