Here’s to the Girl who has always been a lot to handle

Misty Renee Posted 10 months ago
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Here’s to the girl who has always been a lot to handle.

The girl who has always been loud and unapologetic. The girl who can laugh without worrying if someone might take a picture that reveals her laugh lines and double chin. The girl who can speak her mind without any second thoughts about the reaction of those listening.

The girl who can say what she wants without asking for permission, if it feels right. The girl who always speaks from the heart and knows that’s a good thing.

Here’s to the girl who has always been a bit too much.

The girl who wears her heart on her sleeves and doesn’t apologize for bleeding on your shirt as you cross her path. The girl who says what she means and means what she says. The girl who does not hide behind ‘mind games’ and ‘no labels’ and ‘just friends’. The girl who will always ask for what she needs even if it’s hard to swallow for the people around her.

Here’s to the girl who is “not like other girls.”

The girl who rejects that headline because, what the hell does it even mean. The girl who won’t keep worrying about her femininity being called this or that, here nor there, and enough or not enough. The girl who won’t worry about being like anyone else around her just because she has a vagina. The girl who is who she is, nothing less or more and no labels will ever stop that.

Here’s to the girl who can never be tamed. 

The girl who is completely unconcerned with fitting into a specified box just because her boyfriend or her friends or her parents or the society has told her it’s where she actually belongs. The girl who will always choose to run and if someone wants to run besides her, she will take it as a blessing but never a requirement. The girl who lives her life with freedom and fire, without worrying about bothering anybody with her heat. - Continue reading on next page