Here’s why the Longer you stay single, the better you’ll be in a relationship

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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I’m sure you’ve noticed how relationships have started to become so fragile, how so many people end up alone and broken after years of being with someone, and how the slightest thing you do could end up being a deal-breaker for your partner. But why have relationships become so hard? And why do we even start one when we know it’s doomed from the very start?

One obvious reason that I could come up with was the fact that people always tend to live life by trial and error. We are never completely sure about what will work and what won’t, so we decide to date any person who manages to catch our attention just to narrow down our preferences.

But I still believe that there’s more to the story than that. We see many happy relationships around us that suddenly end up in horrible breakups. There’s usually no single obvious reason behind the breakup so maybe the only reason was that the people involved in them just couldn’t keep their shit together. Most people would describe this situation by saying “The timing just wasn’t right for those two”. Because wanting to be in a relationship is never the same thing as actually being ready for one. There are times when we’re just not mentally ready to let anyone in, regardless of how much we like them, and regardless of what a perfect match you would make.

Most people believe that a relationship will work best when both the partners are at an emotionally healthy phase of their life. And I would agree that this does give an edge to your relationship. But being emotionally ready for a relationship is not always the same thing as being mentally ready for it. One of the main reasons behind breakups is that at least one of the partners wasn’t mentally prepared. They didn’t understand fully what their actual wants and needs were. They weren’t fully prepared to make some essential sacrifices. And they weren’t mature enough to handle all the responsibilities that come with a relationship. - Continue reading on next page