Here's Why The Most Attractive Women Are Usually Single

A Posted 2 years ago
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If you're single and can't wrap your head around the fact as to why you're single. Before I continue on with my statement, let's all just admit that not everything a woman does is to attract a man. With that being said, sometimes you do want people to notice you and to think that all that time you put into making yourself look pretty actually paid off.

However, if you're the type of person who knows that they look good (not in an arrogant, 'in your face' sort of way), but that's never noticed, then you're bound to feel like it's you who's doing something wrong. If you are that type of person, YOU NEED TO KEEP ON READING.

Over a period of time, we have slowly formed judgments over the physical or apparent features of a person. This is how society works, I believe it is natural and you can't really do anything about it, but it is, undoubtedly, sad. We are judgmental over sexes, races and over something that people say.

People often stereotype attractive women in so many ways that the whole glitz and glam of being gorgeous is completely ruined. They're thought of as snobs or dumb people, And for what reason? Does no one pamper themselves? What if she just uses better moisturizer than other people? How is she to blame for that? What completely baffles me about the whole situation is how society complains on people who aren't perceived as good-looking and also complains on the ones who are! There's literally nowhere to go in the entire situation.

I believe in judging people one on one and not associating those judgments on a similar person we come across, there is no harm in being careful but basing your actions over those judgments is unfair with them. They might be really nice, but you wouldn't know that because you aren't giving them a chance. You're just going on a whim and accessing them from someone who was a total as*hole. Who just happened to share another trait with them?

Remember, the entire world's population used to think that the earth was a flat piece of land and that anyone who tried to go too far would tip over the edge and fall to their death. Now, obviously it made no sense or perhaps because we aren't living in that time anymore, we don't see it that way. Where would one possibly fall off to? It wasn’t till a brave man decided to go against the whole world, literally, and find things out on his own. It surely takes guts to go against the popular belief but those who do will always be the ones to enlighten others.

Same, I would say, is the case with attractive or, as we say, hotter women. There are so many apprehension based judgments formed and reinforced that we have started to take them as the factual truth which has in turn, left them being single. Here are just a few of the reasons why:


‘Her? You're seriously thinking of asking her out? Look at her!’

Because we see that a person is attractive, we naturally assume that they might as well be in a committed relationship. People often don't even bother simply because they know that they'll be rejected. Maybe, yes.

Yes, they might be rejected let's not eliminate the possibility of an attractive girl actually being in a relationship and saying no or just simply saying no because she wants to. However, simply assuming that they'll say no is wrong. - Continue reading on next page