How anxiety potentially destroys your relationships

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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As much as anxiety harms an individual, it can affect a relationship too. We wonder at one point in a relationship about where it is going and if it has a future or not. That wondering sometimes worries us and if we take that worry and turn it into anxiety, unconsciously, it can affect our relationship. Anxiety makes us fret over small things, things that are not of significance otherwise.

Our constant worrying changes our behavior on the whole, only to drive the people we are trying to keep close away from us. So it is important we understand how it works and how it can be avoided or overcome for good.

How It Poisons a Relationship

Anxiety might only be a state of mind but it greatly affects a person’s life. It affects our actions, the way we think and the way we act. It can make us feel trapped in our own minds. We might tell ourselves that it is just stress acting upon us but it can anxiety taking over.

Anxiety overwhelms a person about almost everything. One little matter looks like an unsolvable conundrum that will destroy the world if it is not dealt with. That is exactly how it destroys a relationship.

Small problems in a relationship need time for solving and if patience is not a virtue between the two people involved, the problems can grow severely. The one with anxiety would be responsible for it because his or her constant pushing fed the problem.

What Makes You Anxious?

It is possible for you to have genes and DNA patterns that make you prone to having social anxiety if triggered by the environment. It is possible even when you have no such genes in your system. Anxiety can be caught by any behavioral patterns that are either inherited or grown over time since birth. - Continue reading on next page