How Emotional Manipulators take Advantage of you in relationships

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Sometimes, you get manipulated in a relationship and you’re not even aware of it. Some people spend their whole lives with people who have mastered the art of emotional blackmail. They’re selfish and you’re just ‘too nice’ or ‘too attached ‘to let go of them.

They are very astute and you will always find them many steps ahead of you and even if you catch up to them they’ll use emotional blackmail to pour the blame on you.

You can be a paragon of virtue but you’ll be used as a tool if you don’t get rid of these toxic people as soon as possible.

Here are some signs that show that you are being emotionally manipulated in a relationship.

  1. The art of twisting words

Consider you have a fight with your partner and you have caught them red-handed. Instead of accepting their mistake, they’ll make you feel bad about holding them culpable. You’ve done nothing wrong and still you end up apologizing to them. The usage of words like “You’re judgmental, you hurt me’ followed by a cascade of tears is quite common. They’re politicians minus the Donald trump haircut. I really wish you don’t have a partner with that racist’s hair. I’m just taking a leap of faith here.

It’s mostly because you love them too much and they don’t care enough to reciprocate your love. They’ll seclude themselves from you sometimes and make you feel alone and unwanted and then you’ll think that maybe it was your mistake or maybe the mistake is always yours. - Continue reading on next page