How is a Scorpio man in Love

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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While a Cancerian guy might be all moody and clingy, a Leo guy will be all supportive yet egoistical. A Taurus guy might be over-the-top stubborn and so forth. So have you ever wondered what a Scorpio guy must be like? How’s he like in love? How do most of them express their emotions? Most people are familiar with common traits of a Scorpio man when he is in love, example jealousy and controlling behavior.

Here is a quick look at what a Scorpio guy is really like then.

A Scorpio guy is most likely to be:

Reserved: The Scorpio guy has a thick coarse exterior, no matter his beliefs. He might be silent on the outside but possesses an abyss of emotions deep down. The next time you go to a party or some other such public occasion and notice a guy who appears to be a wallflower – sitting in the corner quietly observing everything – he is probably a Scorpion.

This isn’t to imply he’s rude or proud with an antisocial flare about him. It just means he really likes privacy even when in a social setting. However, it should be kept in mind that is not the case with ALL Scorpio men; it is just a generalization which applies to most, if not all, Scorpio men.

Opinionated: The mind of a Scorpio man works like a machine on over-drive. Pick up on almost any subject – from food and health to the occult and everything in between – and he will bombard you with all these intricate yet quite intriguing ideas and opinions, it will leave you flabbergasted.

This is to say that most Scorpio men have very strong, whether that is positive or negative, opinions and beliefs etc. They are also quite enthusiastic about shedding light on those opinions and beliefs. In fact, you can expect a Scorpio male to have some basic knowledge and strong opinions plus feelings about most of the subjects under the sun.

Having an intense gaze : Another quite obvious marker to spot a Scorpio is to look deep into his eyes. The eyes are a window to the soul indeed like they say then you will probably feel like your soul is being stripped bare by the mere flicker of a Scorpio man’s gaze.

It might also attract you towards him or give you ample reason to want to get to know him better. In either case, his gaze has had its effects. It is just one of those things you cannot ignore and brush off of your shoulder, like a fly off the wall. - Continue reading on next page