How the right person will love you

Misty Renee Posted 10 months ago
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Most people are never truly sure of who the ‘right person’ is supposed to be, what they’re supposed to act like, how they’re supposed to make us feel, and what even distinguishes them from all the others. So we spend our lives searching for some kind of sign, some kind of resemblance to the things we saw in all the movies and the romantic novels, some kind of feeling that makes us feel alive and happier than ever before.

And we hope that there will be this one deciding factor, something we can’t ignore, somethings that truly stands out to let us know when this person has finally arrived in our life.

But the truth is there won’t ever be just one magnificent sign. You won’t end up feeling something completely out of this world. Their love might not even come in a grand romantic gesture like the ones you saw in the movies. But one thing that will surely happen is that once you meet them, you’ll finally be sure.

You’ll start to see life better. You’ll discover true love in all the little things they do for you, the things you don’t even notice sometimes. And in your heart, you will know that you have found ‘the right person’.

So here’s exactly what the right person will do. They will love you back in the way you always desired, in the way you never knew was possible, and in the way you truly deserve to be loved. And I don’t mean that this person will just love your figure, or your big beautiful eyes, or the cool new clothes you bought this month.

No, this person will be someone who is genuinely interested in you, in your entire life. Someone who can’t wait to discover what your favorite songs are- and not just the songs you end up listening to with all your friends at a party but also the songs you love to hear when you’re driving all alone or trying to fall asleep at night. - Continue reading on next page