How To Be Totally In Love Even After Years Of Marriage

A Posted 2 years ago
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The magical attraction and intense love is inevitable in a new relationship. Newlywed couples experience intense emotional and physical desire for each other. The influx of hormones, overflow of emotions and an ignited spark of intimacy marks "the honeymoon phase".

All couples are engulfed with the eccentric feelings of love and emotions during newlywed stage of their married life. But the main question is: ‘What is the secret to a lifetime of love and passion with your life partner?’

There are couples who not only enjoy each other’s company but are also extremely passionate about their life partners even after years of their marriage. Married life is not always a smooth sail, there are hard times, relationship stresses, financial problems, career commitments and kids that can really wear on a marriage.

Here are some of the most powerful ways that can help you keep the spark alive after years of married life. You can experience the ever- lasting intense love in your married life, even after years of marriage, by following these effective ways:

1. Love Every Day

Choose to love every day. No matter how you feel, you have to put in lots and lots of love into your marriage to make it work. Greet your life partner with a good morning kiss every morning and a good- night kiss every night, make this a routine for years to come. Communicate throughout the day with texts and calls and tell your soul mate that you love him/her.