How to break up with lesser emotional damage

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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It is not easy to let go of someone you ever loved. Going through a breakup is always a hard, painful and long process. It is important to know that when you leave someone, it is as hard for you as it is for them. People mostly consider the person who breaks up with them as insensitive monsters. What they do not know is that it is harder for a person to be on the giving end rather than the receiving end.

1. When do you know it’s over?

Imagine being in a relationship where things are falling apart and you do not have a reason to be with that person anymore. You do not feel like seeing the person or hanging out with them. There is no way that you two could go back to being what you were when it all started. At that point, instead of making you and your partner go through pain and suffering, just end things in a good, kind way.

2. How should you end things?

The best way to end a relationship is to be smooth about it. Do not let the person hang on to false hopes and delayed responses. If you have decided to do it, you should have the guts to be direct about it. Ignoring the person or making them hate you so that they decide to leave you is selfish and inhumane to their feelings.

Be polite and direct, explain the reasons for your decision and give them a chance to absorb it all. Lastly, make them show how hard it is for you too because after all, you are human too and you were not born without feelings.