How to know if a girl is into you in the first 5 minutes

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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We all get nervous when we meet someone new and we kind of like them a little too. The main challenge in this case isn’t the part where you ask them to go out with you on a date or a dinner. The most challenging part is to find out whether the girl likes you or not. Some of the men are restless and some just don’t want to waste too much time. So what they want to do is that they want to know immediately whether the girl likes them too or not. This saves a lot of time and effort.

Some of you might be really good at detecting vibes and some aren’t so good at it. Vibes are usually the best way to tell whether the lady is into you or not, but for those who lack that skill, you should continue reading to find out how you can tell whether or not the lady is into you.

1. Her smile:

It is easy to tell whether a smile is genuine or someone is just faking it. If the girl is smiling at you and you feel like it is a genuine smile with a little bit of spark in her eyes, then it is one of those indications that the girl likes you. Notice how she smiles when she looks at you for the first time. If you notice that smile in her eyes as well, that means that she is definitely interested. If the smile is fake or without a spark in her eyes then do not be sad, there are several more hints that may help to find out her opinion about you.