How to Love the Girl Who Has Never Loved Before

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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It's not going to be easy but it's going to be SO WORTH IT!

Do you ever wonder if you know too much about love while there might be some people out there who have never, ever known what true love feels like? Do you ever think about that one girl who has never felt love in its purest form and only wonders about it on rainy nights? Do you ever wish to help that girl feel it in a way that she never hates it like so many people who have felt it do? Have you ever wanted to see that girl?

If you do, make sure you don’t let her out of your sight.

She is the girl who waits, who has waited a long time to fall in love because no one was ever special enough to be given her love. She is not scared or typically delicate; she knows what is good for her and is not afraid of saying no. She has always said no because it never felt right and is waiting for the time when it does. If you see that girl, if you get close to her, if you fall in love with her and if she does too, make sure you make it worthwhile because she is not any other girl who likes someone just another time. She is the girl who trusted her gut and stayed patient; it will be your job to show her that she did the right thing.

Falling in love is a big deal and she knows it. It does not matter how long she has waited for; what matters is that she resisted the urge to be with someone for her own sake and, true to God, there cannot be anything more attractive than a woman who takes her life in her hands. She fought the urge to be infatuated with someone only temporarily because she knew, all the way, how big a deal companionship is.

Let Her Settle

If you have been with other women before and you know the Relationship Rules, it won’t be the same for her. She won’t know what to say, exactly, and what to do and when but she will try her best because she will be in love. You just have to let her settle into the relationship and give her time to learn. All you have to do is be there for her and give her space. Help her feel good about this first experience for which she will be forever thankful to you. Be patient when she takes time to accept things because, unlike you, she is not familiar with it.

When she hesitates, know that she does not doubt her love or you; she is just balancing the odds in her mind because she has never dealt with matters of the heart before, not so closely, at least. When you kiss her, let her feel it. Hold her and do whatever it takes to show her that you are in it with her. Let her learn ‘the moves’ on her own and teach her if she asks you to. All she really needs is you to stay by her side in thick and thin. - Continue reading on the next page