How To Love Yourself

A Posted 2 years ago
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Almost every one of us knows what is it like to love ‘someone’. To love someone means experiencing desires, emotions, attachments and admirations etc.

But unfortunately, very few know there is a phenomenon of ‘loving your own-self’. Don’t confuse the concept of self-love with self obsession or being introvert or egoistic.

Loving yourself is a beautiful concept that helps you grow into a better person and eventually makes the world around you a better place to live. Loving yourself means accepting, respecting and rewarding yourself. What we think about ourselves and how much we believe in ourselves can greatly affect almost everything around us. Our relationships, our dreams, our work, our faith, our future; hence everything is a reflection of the self-image we have of ourselves.

Loving yourself is not a one-time event. It is an ongoing process that leads us to eternal bliss. By adopting the following positive practices you can achieve your goal of self-love:

1. Forgive Yourself

We all are human and to err is human. If you have committed a mistake or blunder in your past life try to forget it and move on. I’m not saying that you adopt a selfish attitude and don’t take responsibility for your actions. My point is - don’t keep on blaming yourself for the past mistakes. Learn from your mistakes, then forgive yourself and move on.