How to Make your Relationship Last Forever

SB Posted 2 years ago
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Forever is a long time but spending it with the person you love doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Relationships need to be worked on and nourished by a number of things to make them last long. It is not one way road and both parties need to pay an equal amount of attention if they want things to work out. It is never difficult to workout things with the person you love, so trust me when I tell you nothing will ever be too hard, if you make an effort.

Here is a list of essentials for any relationship to last a long time.

1. Learn to Appreciate

“Before someone’s tomorrow has been taken away, cherish those you love, appreciate them today”

- Michelle C. Ustaszeski.

Appreciation on its own is powerful enough to make your enemies come to their knees and lack of it will alienate the people closest to you, either way appreciation is something not to be taken lightly. Feeling genuinely appreciated lifts people up.

Appreciate the smallest of gestures your spouse does for you, even if they are as small as fetching you a glass of water or holding a door open for you. No it’s not just you who should feel special; they deserve it as much as you do. Saying a few words of love, and every time they do something for you will develop a sense of acknowledgement in them and they will feel more confident. The key is to show gratitude, when ever you can.

If your spouse cooks dinner or keeps the house clean, make sure you appreciate their efforts. The problem is that we take things for granted; we assume that if a wife cooks or cleans the house that’s a part of her job, nothing to show appreciation for. Men and women each have their individual roles and the society wouldn’t be functional without them, the key to make their efforts worth their while.

2. Show Respect

You can’t build a healthy relationship without mutual respect. This is pretty basic. You have to sometimes compromise and honor your partner feelings in order to earn respect. Despite having differences, never disrespect or humiliate a human being. The more respect you give to a person, higher is the chance that your relationship will flourish. Don’t just say you respect a person; show it through your gestures and words. *Continue reading on next page*