How to Tell If you’re dating an immature girl or a mature Woman

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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Being attracted to a person is natural and can never be forced. We don’t get a herd of people to pick our partners from, it just clicks and we move on with it. Still, there are some features or specifications that a person naturally expects from their companion, given the fact that they are to spend a lot of time with each other. Females have different expectations and choices of males but there is one thing that almost every girl wants her guy to be, and that is to be a man. Guys are categorized as ‘men’ and ‘boys’ by females, likewise, females are also categorized by males as ‘girls’ and ‘women’.

Most men do not realize the difference between a girl and a woman. The difference is not between short and tall height or any other physical attribute, it is about maturity. The only thing that makes a girl a woman is her level of maturity and age should not be a factor to tell if a girl is mature or not. Some things discussed below act as indicators; they are facts that differentiate a girl from a woman.

1. Attention and Pampering:

Everybody needs a good proportion of their lover’s attention but if you are a guy who is dating a girl and not a woman, you might find yourself annoyed by her constant attention-seeking acts. Girls want to be treated like princesses and ask for pampering every now and then while women only ask for respect. They sure need your attention too, but they are sensible enough to understand the circumstances and the fact that you cannot always keep smiling at her like a clown.

2. Complaints and Satisfaction:

A girl will complain while a woman will appreciate and then advise. You will always find the girl bored and relying on adventures for fun, she will want to change you if she does not like something about you. If it is a woman you are dating, she will love you for what you are. If she finds something abnormal happening, she would keep calm and talk to you about it rather than making a fuss. Even if you are as imperfect as Chandler, she would try her best to be your Monica. - Continue reading on the next page