I Understand Why You Ended Us and I Am Thankful

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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I remember when you said those cold words and ended what we had; I remember the day and I remember the sun was going down at that very moment, just like we went down that day. How can I forget the sunset that made me feel like it was not just the sun going down that night but all of my soul felt like it was drowning?

I remember wishing to hide behind the city walls just like the sun was; I remember wanting to disappear from the face of the earth when you told me we couldn’t be. I shivered and I gulped, I remember that I was scared.

What I don’t remember is seeing the reason as to why you did it. I don’t remember understanding. I took the pain and I took it hard. I fell sick and I cried for as long as my lungs could bear the short, bumpy breaths and I stayed in until my family dragged me out.

I remember all of it, the pain, the shock and the withdrawal. But I don’t remember understanding why you left me. I never tried to see reason in your cold decision.

I was blind

Just like you lose sight when someone puts a bright torch on your eyes, I was too blind when you put torch to our relationship and burned it to ashes. I was blind when I saw everything going to waste, when I realized that the time I spent with you was meaningless and I meant nothing.

I was blind when I saw you saying all those things without blinking even once and never stopping in between to show me that you felt sad too. I was blind all that time when you said you are going and when you really did go away. I was blind because I did not understand why you did what you did. - Continue reading on the next page