If a man doesn’t want to be with you, don’t force him to stay

A Posted 2 years ago
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We all want to have a stable relationship. Sometimes, luck is not on our side and we do not get the perfect guy of our imagination. Well, there is a why reason it is called 'imagination'. Everyone who sees perfection eventually gets disappointed, the same happens to all of those women who believe that their man is perfect and would never need a break from a constant cycle of life that they have been following for so many years.

Men are different as compared to women and men have different interests. Sometimes women cannot understand them. There are times when men need a break from all of the noise surrounding them all the time. They may want to leave all their loved ones temporarily or even permanently. It may sound unreasonable but one can only understand it if they are in the same situation.

Women are more emotionally weak as compared to men. The emotional stability within a man is the proof that sometimes he would want to escape the emotional drama that he has around him all the time. Men are adventurous by nature and they want change.

Sometimes, when a man asks for a break from his woman, the woman starts to believe that he has just gotten sick of her and he just wants to leave her. Well, that may be the case sometimes but if it is the case then it is better to let your man go then to force him to stay. Here, forcing does not mean that you are not a fun person to be around but it means that you may not be the right person for that specific man. Maybe you thought that you both are compatible in the beginning and maybe he thought the same but there is a possibility that the compatibility lasted for a few months and then it was gone. *Continue reading to next page*