If He only Texts You after Midnight, Do NOT Answer

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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If he only texts you after midnight, do not answer him.

It doesn’t matter what emoji he used. It doesn’t matter how much he pleaded. It doesn’t matter how many sweet little dialogues he came up with just to try to convince you that he’s worth your time. And it doesn’t matter if he keeps calling you his ‘baby’ or ‘darling’ or ‘the only girl for me’ because he only decided to text you when the sun came down, and when there was no one around to question him for his actions. He called you after midnight when he didn’t really need to share a meaningful conversation with you or even look you in the eye for more than a minute.

If he only texts you after midnight, do not grant him even a moment of your time.

Open up his message and leave him with a blue tick on Whatsapp, a ‘seen’ on Facebook, and an unanswered text. Just do not give him the satisfaction of replying back. If he wanted to actually talk, he would be with you at midnight instead of realizing, just as the clock ticks 12, that you’re on his mind. Because a girl who gets a text at midnight is simply an afterthought, a passing feeling, a distraction maybe! You deserve to have a guy’s full attention at any hour of the day, not just when he’s done with the rest of the world.

If he only texts you after midnight, turn your phone off.

Place it upside down. Leave it in another room. Put it on silent mode. Or simply take the decision of staying away from technology for the next 7 hours or so. Just take away his ability of crawling into your mind from that stupid screen! The only control he has over you comes from his ability to communicate- so break that control. Cut off all communication. Refuse to let him affect you. Get back the power he’s trying to steal from you and place that power in your own hands by destroying all ties with him. 

If he only texts you after midnight, remember you could be anyone.

He doesn’t think you’re special. This won’t mean something to him. You’re just a name he came across on his phone, a conversation he likes to scroll through when there’s nothing else left to do. And for all he cares, you could have been any girl. You could have been the girl he met a few days back at the club, the girl who he loved once, or the girl who works with him and glances over from her cubicle every once in a while. It really isn’t about you. It’s only about him. And for guys who only feel the need to text after midnight, it always will be!

If he only texts you after midnight, know that he doesn’t really care.

You’re just an option, an alternative to going home alone, a possibility that he can happily live without. You are the face in his mind when he just wants ‘something fun’, and not a person he actually cares about. You’re just a name in his phone, a possibility of a fun night, another person who can only fulfill his lust and not the emptiness in his soul. As hard as this may feel to accept, you always need to remember that you are not a person he actually values.

If he only texts you after midnight, do not reply.

The decision to reply is your only lifeline, and you need to hold on to it. Your decision to reply is your only power, and you need to preserve it. Your decision to reply is your self-worth and respect, and you need to maintain it. Your decision to reply is the only thing you’ll have left in the end, and you really owe it to yourself to take the decision you won’t regret!

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