If He Sends You These 11 Texts, He Wants More Than Just Sex

This means he’s in it for the long run!

Everyone knows that technology has practically revolutionized the way people go about relationships nowadays. It’s so much easier for us to connect with one another despite the limitations brought about by distance. It is now possible to send messages to people thousands and thousands of miles away in a matter of milliseconds. So it’s no secret that the phenomenon of texting has helped shape peoples’ relationships all around the world. It has become a vital tool of communication for many couples, and at times, it can either make or break a relationship.

Take the scenario of you casually engaging in sexual relations with a guy. Of course, there is some chemistry there, but you’re not entirely sure if you can elevate your relationship to something beyond sexual encounters. You also don’t want to put yourself in the position of having to ask where you are in the relationship. Fortunately for you, if you text often, then there are subtle hints and signs that you can heed to know if he’s really interested in you or not. If he’s sending you these kinds of text messages, then he probably wants something more than just sex.

1. Boring everyday texts.

If he’s texting you about him having to do his chores or about that random book he’s currently reading, then you can bet he’s very interested in you. These are all practically useless information, but it’s his subtle way of giving you a glimpse into his life. If all he wanted was sex, there was no point in revealing any of this to you.

2. Questions asking for advice.

A guy who is only interested in getting you underneath the sheets wouldn’t ever waste time asking you for advice on his problems. In fact, he wouldn’t even allow himself to get personal with you on any level. If he’s asking you for your thoughts and opinions about his life, then he wants something beyond sex.

3. Random texts.

If he’s constantly making an effort to initiate conversations with you even when he’s not asking for sex, then that’s a good sign that he’s very much interested in you. There would be no point in trying to talk to you about random topics of conversation if all he wanted from you was a night in the sack together. – Continue reading on the next page