If I was never ‘the one’ for you, stop pretending that I am

Misty Renee Posted 7 months ago
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If I was never ‘the one’ for you, stop pretending that I am. Stop looking over at me with those passionate eyes just to whisper sweet nothings into my ear. It won’t matter how sweet they sound. It won’t matter how happy they make me feel. It won’t matter how they make my heart melt, how they give me goosebumps and how they make me feel a thousand butterflies in my stomach. Because at the end of the day, they will still be full of nothing.

They still won’t matter to you. They still won’t mean that you actually love me, that you actually want me to be happy, or that you’re actually here to stay. If the excitement, the love, and the passion are all one-sided, then stop giving me false hope. Stop making me hold on to something that never even existed for you. Stop making me believe that I have finally found my own fairytale.

If I was never ‘the one’ for you, stop kissing me the way you do. Stop breathing down my neck and stop giving me that look, the one that makes me turn red, the one that makes me want to drown inside your eyes, and the one that pulls me closer and closer to you. Stop pulling me towards your lips, with a touch that feels like the explosion of fireworks.

Stop holding me down or calming me in your arms every time I freak out about something silly. Stop stroking my hair as I fall into deep sleep and dream about the life we might share.

Stop rubbing my back when my anxiety has me horrified and makes me believe that everything is about to come crashing down.

Stop finding reasons to touch me, to be closer to me just to make me feel like you can’t ever get enough. Stop hugging me tight as I feel my heart beat next to yours. And stop fucking me against a wall every time I’m stressed out and feel like I just need to stop thinking for some time.

If I was never ‘the one’ for you, just come right out and say it. Say it out loud for the entire world to hear. Look into my eyes and tell me like you really mean it. Tell me that I’m not ‘the one’- the one that you were always waiting for, the one you always dreamed of meeting, the one who you’re actually serious about, the one who crosses your mind even in the days when you’re busy, the one who can make you smile when everything seems to be going wrong, the one you want to spend all your nights with, and the one who you can imagine a future with. - Continue reading on the next page