If You Ever Cared For Her, Don’t Go Back To Her

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Do you remember the days when she used to tell you that she would break or even die if you ever went away from her? And do you remember saying that you would too? Probably not. But if you do, it must have been a lie, a selfish and mandatory reply.

Because you have moved on and she has not; because you found love somewhere else and she broke like she said she would; because you took some hours to move on and she is still where you left her.

Her world started from you and ended up on you. You were the first ray of sunshine that started her day and the last ray of moonlight that ended it. She was beautiful: full of love for life and a taste for laughter; she was a beaming torch in a human body that you put off when you left.

When a girl loves you, she associates everything of herself with you: her expectations, her happiness, her emotions and her investments. She invests her emotions in you and all she wishes to see is the love her investment pays back. All she wants to see is a tall tree rooting from where she planted the seeds and watered them every day of every month. All she wishes to have the fruits of her love in form of your love; all she wants is a payback, a little love, and you denied her that.

Now that you have left, dissociating yourself from everything she kept for and from you, now that you have told her that her love was not divine and that her expectations and happiness might have been at home in him but yours never were in her, please don’t come back. Now that you have chosen to let her survive with a broken heart and now that she is learning to cope with heartbreak while she survives, please don’t come back. - Continue reading on next page