If You spot A woman wearing a ring on her pinky finger this is what it means.

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Pinky is the new middle!

This should probably be the one-liner advertisement to sell pinky finger rings now that people have been sold out to this trend. As famous as it is getting, it is worth all the hype. Yes, people are showing their self-love by gifting themselves cute rings for pinky fingers, showing independency from the need of any partners whatsoever.


It is not, obviously, to repel people interested in them but for only having felt a mild sense of love for themselves, not feeling bad to see their ring fingers empty.

As much as the dating culture is common, it is one hell of a task to find the right person who you could proudly say is worthy of promising your whole life to. It is possible and people do find the Mr. /Ms. Right but it takes time. For people spending that time while their friends and co-workers are getting engaged and showing off those rocks on their fingers, this cute trend of pinky ring fingers has caught fire.

Tired of feeling bad for yourself after seeing half a dozen girlfriends engaged? Do not lose hope for you are exclusive enough to have your time of the life. For now, rock it with the pinky finger to tell the world that you are not desperate but only, deeply, in love with yourself.

It is, indeed, a very practical and satisfying way of telling oneself to not be anxious to wait for it will all be worth it. It is soothing and, at the same time, symbolically stylish. More often than not, we forget our worth and worry about our apparently miserable lives that are, according to us, headed nowhere.


The trend of wearing a little ring in the little finger is, exactly, to keep those wild, destructive feelings away and make us feel good. Whoever came up with it knew how it felt to be the one ‘left out’ in a group of people committed to their significant halves. They knew that life is more than just about trying to find the right person all the time and forgetting oneself in doing so. - Continue reading on the next page