If you think she is worth having, then she is worth fighting for

Misty Renee Posted 9 months ago
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This article is for all the guys out there who had the perfect girl once, the ones who really felt like they had finally hit the jackpot, the ones who knew for sure that this was it! And then for some stupid and impulsive reason, you just decided to let her go.

Let me make a guess.

“The timing just wasn’t right.”

“You just weren’t in the right state of mind to actually commit to another person.”

“You were trying to stay focused on your career at that time.”

Maybe the reason you keep feeling that you aren’t ‘ready’ to commit is actually because you’ve been hurt in the past. Maybe it never really had anything to do with the timing or with your career or even your inability to commit to another person.

But here’s the thing you NEED to understand- A relationship is hardly ever going to come up at a completely ideal moment in your life. The truth is there is no such thing as the ‘right’ or the ‘perfect’ moment because the greatest things in life tend to come to us when we least expect them and when we are least prepared to even handle them.

Many people strongly agree that you’re always going to find the right person when you stop actively looking for them, when you have no expectations of love in your life, and when having a relationship is the last thing you could even imagine. Ms./Mrs. Right (depending on how it turns out) isn’t just going to ring your doorbell when you start waiting around for her. Instead, she’s going to burst into your world at a time when your life is full of its own chaos. She will come barging in and she will end up shaking your universe just a little more.

Good things in life will never come to you at a completely ideal time. They will come to you when you least expect them. And they will add to the madness and excitement of it all. No one is quite sure why it happens this way. But it’s just how the world works.

So yes, the timing might not be right. You might not be ready to enter a relationship at this point. Oh, and congratulations on the promotion at work!

But if you’ve decided to let go of ‘the one’ just because of the imperfect circumstances in your life, then you’re just being plain foolish. Stop coming up with excuses. And start fighting the world to stick with your girl.

Let’s face it- if you think she is worth having, then a lot of other guys might tend to think the same. And she isn’t going to sit around and wait for you forever. If you’ve found her, just hold on tight and make sure you never let go.

Because if you do, if you actually end up making this mistake, she WILL move on. She will find another guy- a guy who isn’t always afraid of the consequences, a guy who can actually fight for her, and a guy who really understands her worth.

And I feel confident in saying that the minute you see her with another guy, you will suddenly realize the magnitude of the mistake you’ve made. You will resent yourself. And you will end up wishing you had tried to fight harder to keep her in your life.

Speaking from a girl’s point of view- all we really want is for you to love us and to care for us. Prove with your actions and not just your words that you think we’re worth battling for. Keep fighting for us, instead of fighting with us. We just want a guy who we can wake up next to, a guy we can laugh with, and a guy who can make us feel secure in knowing he’ll always be there.

If you really give this girl a chance, she won’t ever be asking too much from you. Just promise to remain faithful and honest with her. And the rest will fall into place on its own. Just love her for everything she is. And she will end up changing your entire world. She will give you hope. She will give you love. And she might even give you some more motivation for that next job promotion.

If you think she is worth having, then just stop with the excuses. Stop with the bullshit you keep telling yourself as well as everyone around you. And stop looking for reasons why it might not work. Because if you don’t, the only one getting hurt will be you.

So get up right now and fight to keep that amazing girl in your life. Hold her tight in your arms and never let go!