If You Want To Keep Her, Then Let Her Know How You Feel

A Posted 5 months ago
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She isn't going to read your mind.

She’s just there sitting passively. She’s waiting for you. She doesn’t want to come off as too aggressive and so she doesn’t want to pressure you into talking to her. But it kills her inside knowing that you haven’t made an effort to get in touch with her for the whole day. It has her worried. She doesn’t know if you’re busy or if you’re somehow upset with her. She overthinks the situation and she will try to figure out where she could have gone wrong. 

She gives in because she can’t take the pressure anymore. She decides to text you and ask you how you’re doing. But then you don’t reply. She gets even more anxious. She gets even more worried. She gets even more stressed. And then you finally decide to reply after letting her stew in her own anxiety. You tell her that you were only waiting for her to send the first message and that you had plenty of things that you needed to take care of throughout the day. She wants to rip her hair out of her head at this point. She hates how she always has to be the one who has to initiate the talks with you. She hates how it’s always her who has to put in the effort. She hates how it’s always her who has to make the first move. She hates how you are always too busy to just talk to her or give her a simple reply. 

She doesn’t understand that she doesn’t always have to be the one who puts in all of the work in the relationship. She fails to see that she doesn’t always have to be the one who has to exert so much effort in your relationship. She is always fighting to become an important part in your life; to actually become someone you genuinely care about. But you always just choose to throw all thoughts of her out the window. She doesn’t understand that she doesn’t have to fight so hard to feel included in your life. If you really wanted her to be with you, then you would also be making it a point to keep her there. You are the one who should be making all the efforts to make her feel safe and secure in your arms.