If Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Do These 7 Simple Things, It Might Be Time to End Things

A Posted a year ago
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Make it easier for her to love you and don’t ever call her crazy (even when she’s acting like it).

It’s dangerous to generalize, but a vast majority of the time, girls tend to be more emotionally invested in their relationships compared to their male counterparts. Women are just usually more empathetic and kind than men are. Sometimes, men can be turned off by how much girls invest themselves in relationships. We hear the phrase “crazy girlfriend” thrown around all the time; used as a way to describe girlfriends who are overly clingy and needy.

Guys, you just need to understand that girls generally have lots of love bottled up inside of them. They need to be able to express this love in various ways and means. It’s hardwired into their DNA. Just be thankful that she has chosen you to be on the receiving end of this love.

Make it easier for her to love you and don’t ever call her crazy (even when she’s acting like it). Try your best to reciprocate that love and make her feel appreciated. If you feel like you’re doubting your relationship and whether or not you should push forward together as a couple, just try reassessing the situation. Look at it from an objective perspective and play it cool.

Here are 7 signs that you shouldn’t break up with your girlfriend.

1. She respects your space

She understands your primal needs for solitude and privacy. She knows that there will be days where you just want to be left alone to your own thoughts. She’s ready to give you space at any time you ask it from her. She supports you whenever you feel the need to just get away and take a breather. Whether you need just a few hours or a whole week apart from each other, if she’s ready to give that to you and still love you, then that means she’s worth keeping.

2. Your family becomes her family too

She buys gifts for your brothers and sisters. She’s always checking up on your parents. She’s even friends with some of your cousins. She knows how important your family is to you and so they’re important to her as well. She knows how much you love them, and since she loves you so much, she also exerts efforts in showing her love and care for them too. She really would love them the way that you do if you asked her to. - Continue reading on the next page