If Your Guy Has These 7 Habits, Marry Him Right Now!

A Posted 2 years ago
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Few habits are to die for, just like that there a few things in guys that are worth marrying for. No one is perfect and everyone is facing a challenge to be a better person in life. We are either struggling to get there or waiting to start this struggle, there are barely any people who are at the verge of becoming this perfect person.

If your partner has the following habits, know that his struggles have been real and that he is one heck of a guy, someone who should be kept, someone who's a definitive keeper.

People naturally demand their partners to have good moral values and a kind heart because good looks are not enough to spend a life with. Every person goes through certain events that mold his character and make him either despicable or an absolute sweetheart. It entirely depends on how he tackles with the tantrums life throws at him.

Some traits in a man’s personality are absolutely worth dying for and if your guy has them, we would suggest you keep him because these qualities are hard to find and you’ve got one of a rare species out there. Value him:


Women are generally moody. Especially with all the hormones going up and down every month. There will be times when they will be the sweetest to you and there will be times when they want to rip your heads off. If a man understands this and is sensitive towards you, marry him.

Other than that, if he respects your say, gets the door for you or does those gentlemanly things for you, keep him close. There are not too many people left who still follow the gentlemen’s code and we all know how heart melting it is when a man acts like a gentleman.

Your guy is more than valuable if he respects women and is not sexist at all. If he supports your choices, helps you out with self-lifting and treats you equal, he is a definite keeper. Moreover, women tend to have ups and downs in their mood due to all the hormones dancing inside, it is not easy for another person to tolerate our meaningless anger on them so if your guy does not overreact to your reactions and understands and stays calm then we say he is a total sweetheart. Only gentlemen have such traits and we all know about the lack of gentlemen in our society these days. You will know your guy is one of them by his actions, speech and reactions.


Men are clueless or if not clueless, lazy to do all of that household work. Every man runs from it and if your man is being nice and helping you out around the house, know that it is rare and you will not find many people who do that.

Some men still believe in this stereotype that women are supposed to stay at home and do all the household chores while they go outside to earn money. We all know such men. If yours is not one of them and considers that stereotype foul, then you are dating a nice man. If he helps you out with your chores at home and shares the burden with you, he deserves a thumbs-up. Women are quite often left to look after the house all by themselves and men are ignorant of the fact, but someone who understands it can be difficult for you to do it all alone is worth keeping. - Continue reading on the next page