I’m Grateful for All of the People Who Just Gave up on Me

A Posted a year ago
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Thank you for the dark memories of my past. Thank you for making me go through unthinkable pain. I now have a better outlook on my future and my present seems just so much brighter than ever before. Thank you for giving me darkness, and giving me the strength to go after the light.

Life is tough. There’s no denying that fact. A lot of us will always have difficulty in finding the strength to withstand the toll of everyday problems. The daily grand can sometimes prove to be a little too much to handle for those with weakened spirits. We’re thrust into a world where we’re left to fend for ourselves, because it’s our responsibility to be self-sufficient and self-sustaining. For those of us lucky enough to have loving parents who take care of us, we have to understand that they won’t be around forever. They won’t always be there to fight our battles for us and no one is going to defend us the way that they do. For those of us who aren’t so lucky, maybe our parents were our first abandoners and that’s when we first experienced the heartbreak of being left behind; of having someone actually give up on us. It’s a difficult emotion to deal with; the feeling of loss. No man is an island. Man is a social animal that craves for constant attention and interaction with others. None of us can survive on our own and so we take whatever taste of social interaction we can get: whether good or bad.

There’s a good struggle that’s there when we’re left to fend for ourselves though. We’re left in a state of nature with limited tools at our disposal. We have our intellect to guide us and our intuition to help appease our state of minds. We’re left to discover more of who we really are and what we’re made of. Challenges can either make or break people, and I’m glad to say that my challenges have molded me to become a strong and independent person who is ready to face whatever comes my way. I’m grateful for all the people who just chose to give up on me. You taught me the valuable lesson of self-reliance and self-dependence. You taught me that strength doesn’t always have to come from other people. You taught me that inner strength and intrinsic motivation is what is most important in life. The food just tastes better, the sky seems bluer, and the grass is much greener when you know that you have the strength to withstand solitude. I would like to thank all of you who chose to just give up on me. I thank you for teaching me the valuable lessons that I needed to learn at a young age. You have enabled me to become the best possible version of myself and I realize now that there are no limits to my potential because of everything that I have managed to overcome. Loneliness is underrated, and we need not necessarily fear it. What we have to fear is us being unable to deal with the circumstances that we find ourselves falling in to. Abandonment doesn’t have to be so bad when you know that you’re strong enough to take on the world on your own. - Continue reading on the next page