In a relationship vs after a breakup

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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  1. Their Stuff

Remember how annoyed you used to get with all his smelly stuff lying around at your place? It’s funny (okay, maybe a little sad, actually) how all those things are your favorite sleeping companions now.

  1. Level of interest

In a relationship: Why is he even telling this boring story about a mug? Carol, Jane, Emily! Who cares? You know you have him in the palm of your hands so who really has time to hear about this story

After a breakup: Who the hell is this Carol and why have I never heard her name before!!!

  1. Memories

On the bright side: At least you can openly admit how much you hated that hiking trip and all those boring football matches he made you watch and those video games-they were the absolute worst!

  1. Getting hit on

Maybe these free drinks are going to be worth all the lonely nights and the crappy mornings, just maybe… Continue reading on next page