10 reasons why it’s difficult for an intelligent woman to find true love

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Finding the perfect guy is not an easy task and the fact that there’s such a small pool of candidates for us to choose from makes it even more frustrating. Still, most girls manage to find the ability and patience to keep looking and looking until they finally get that one guy who they always desired, the one who makes their world spin just by looking at them from across the room, the one who brings never ending love and excitement in their life and the one who they can actually imagine spending their entire lives with.

But then there are those girls who let their minds take their decisions for them and not their hearts, who just can’t seem to settle on any guy they meet and who let their intelligence get the better of their emotions.

So if you know a girl like this, you’ve probably seen these following traits in her:

1. She’s not afraid of being alone

    She doesn’t want a guy to come and fill an empty space in her life or to come and hold her tight in the lonely hours of the night. No, she’s perfectly capable of handling her own life and her own problems. So the only time that she’ll actually want to be in a relationship is when she’ll know that what she’s getting is truly what she deserves.

    She won’t just settle for any guy who come her way but will keep looking to find that one person who is as independent, secure and mature as her.

    2. She has a long checklist

      Every person in the world has a mental list of the attributes they want in their partner. For most girls, the list might be something as short and simple as a guy who is good-looking, funny and has a successful career. But for an intelligent girl, this list will usually be quite long and specific and will range from things like religious views to general outlook on life. She is well aware of the kind of person she is and the kind of person she needs to be with in order to be happy.

      3. She’s not dependent on anyone

        Gone are the days when the only way a woman could survive was if she had some kind of male support in her life, whether this support came from her father when she was little or from her husband for the later part of her life. Sure, she’ll always be daddy’s little girl, but she’s grown up now, she has made something of her life and she does not need to depend on any guy to support her financially, emotionally or physically.

        All the independence she has achieved has taught her to value her life more and to enjoy being alone. So the thought of allowing a guy to invade her space is pretty scary sometimes. - Continue reading on the next page

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