Is Dating a Smart Woman a Problem for Men?

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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A girl met a guy on a social networking website. She was pulled in by his profile, which made him appear to be pretty smart, funny and have a nice personality. The guy really liked what the girl looked like in her photographs, furthermore, he also found her to be quite fun, fascinating and smart. Everything was going pretty nice, until they met each other for the first time. They had a lot to talk about as they had numerous things in common and spoke for around an hour. But then, the guy checked the time and said that he had to go. He didn't really say anything about a second date, and that actually was the last the girl heard from him.

What went wrong here?

There are a lot of conceivable reasons that the guy may have chosen not to continue the relationship further. He may essentially have chosen he was not really into her after all, or that she was not as fascinating as she appeared in her profile. On the other hand he may had experienced issues with closeness or some other issue that the girl didn’t really know about. In any case, the girl was having a tough time getting over it. She needed to know whether she had done something wrong to push him away.

As she went over their discussion in her head, she thought that there actually was one thing that could’ve been the reason, however she didn’t want to believe that that was the reason.

The girl was thinking that the guy knew where she used to work, he knew about her profession. When they met and were talking for the first time, the guy said something related to her field of work and the girl replied with some facts and info from a research she had published. It was that exact moment when the guy said that he had to go.

The girl was actually a scientist and she had gone through the same thing in the past, too. She had been rejected a couple of times by guys only because they thought she was too nerdy, smart or too scholarly.

Was this the reason for this guy leaving, too?

The girl’s mother once told her to ‘NOT be too smart’ if she wanted to get married. At first, the girl thought that maybe this advice was just anti-feminist and avoided it. Her ex-boyfriend actually used to enjoy her intelligence and didn’t seem to be annoyed by it. But now that the same had happened again, she started to worry that maybe her mother was right about that.

What really happens?

A social psychologist with her colleagues from the University of Buffalo studied the behavior of men who dated women smarter than them. They concluded quite an interesting phenomenon in the end that can also answer what might have happened between this guy and girl I’m talking about. *Continue reading to next page*