It’s Trust – Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your Phone In A Relationship

EK Posted 2 years ago
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The technological era has completely transformed our lifestyles. We are living in an age where accessories and luxuries like cell phones, tabs and mobiles have become a dire necessity.

Without any doubt, these hi-tech gadgets like cell phones and mobiles have made communication a lot faster and easier. But the darker side of the picture is that cheating, infidelity and betrayal have become more common due to these communication tools.

Watching your partner always preoccupied with his / her cell phone is not only frustrating but it also creates doubts in our minds about our relationships. While privacy and personal space are vital for the success of any relationship, the same goes for trust and reliability.

To feel secure in a relationship, one has to eradicate everything and anything that can cause any doubts, insecurities or fears in the heart and mind of our significant other. The success of a relationship is directly proportional to the level of transparency in a relationship. The more open, transparent and undoubted your relationship is, the more successful and long-lasting it would be.

Being transparent means being confident of your being. Many partners feel irritated or fidgety when their cell phone is in the hands of their significant other. What is there to hide from the partner of your life? If you are honest in your relationship with your life partner, you will never let any doubts or apprehensions crawl into their hearts. That is why we consider that partners shouldn’t hide their phones from their significant others. This rule of transparency gives your partner a feeling of security and trustworthiness.

Here are some of the most convincing reasons why you shouldn’t hide your phone in a relationship.

1. It builds trust

Giving your life partner access to your phone means you trust them completely, sharing the ins and outs of your virtual life. And as a result, your significant other will trust you completely as they know you won’t hide anything from them.

Building trust is the key to a healthy relationship. Today, partners who don’t hide their cell phones from each other enjoy a deeper bonding of trust and faith. - Continue reading on next page