Love Him With No Expectations

Misty Renee Posted 8 months ago
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A relationship can be messy at times. And expectations will only make it messier!

The unfortunate thing with us women is that when we truly fall for a man, when we start imagining what a life with him would be like, and when we begin to feel like we’re completely in love with the person standing in front of us, then we start expecting him to love us in the exact same way we do. We expect him to display the same levels of attachment.

We expect him to express his love in the same way. We expect him to make us his top priority just like we have. We expect him to take out the exact same amount of time to meet as we do. And the list can go on and on. But what happens when he doesn’t do all of this? What happens when he fails to meet these expectations that he didn’t even know you had? Does that automatically imply that he loves you less? Or that you don’t really mean much to him? Or that he doesn’t even deserve the time and efforts you’re placing in him?

Well, here’s the plain and simple answer- Both of you have been leading two different lives with two different personalities and mindsets from even before you knew each other. You have had different interests. You’ve known different people. You have felt different experiences. So it is completely normal, maybe even healthy, for both of you to have various other priorities in life, apart from the love you have for each other.

His love for you isn’t meant to be disregarded just because he has a life that doesn’t involve you directly, just because he doesn’t feel the need to suffocate you with 24 hours of love a day, and just because he has work and interests outside the realm of his relationship as well.

He has the right to have a life of his own- a life where he can go to work, party with his friends, play football, go to dinner with his colleagues, and still choose to think of you as a person he completely adores, as the person who he wants to wake up next to, as the person who makes his life a little brighter and as a person who truly means the world to him. And you have the same right as well. - Continue reading on next page