5 Lies Women need to Stop Telling Themselves when they are in an Unhappy Relationship

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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Relationships have the power to turn any rational and balanced individual into a delusional human being. I’m guilty of letting a relationship take over my rational thinking abilities and I’m sure quite a lot of my readers feel the same. And you can’t really blame us! When you’re in a relationship, when you feel like this person standing in front of you might be your only shot at true happiness, and when you get so used to this title of being called their girlfriend, it becomes hard to see and accept all the things that are so obviously wrong with the relationship. Here are 5 lies women tell themselves to try and save a failing relationship:

  1. He will change with time

Do you really even believe yourself when you say that? Yes, people do change with time but if someone is intrinsically bad or indifferent, if they’ve spent all their life worrying about nothing but their own happiness, their own needs and wants, then it’s very unlikely that these features about their personality will eventually change. And if you feel that the guy you’re dating just isn’t the kind of person you truly want, it’s not a very good idea to continuously try and change them completely. They may start resenting you for it and your efforts will end up doing the opposite of what you intended.

  1. I won’t be able to do better than him

Now this lie isn’t just something you’ve been telling yourself, it’s a lie that has been fed into our brains since the start of our lifetime. Since the day we’re born, we’re made to believe that the one true purpose of our life is to find a successful, rich guy who can take care of us for the rest of our lives. Because if we don’t, we might just end up being that lonely, poor, cat lady who everyone hates and also secretly pities.

And think about it. How many sitcoms have you seen with the stereotypical unattractive, overweight husband with an extremely hot wife? And have you ever seen the reverse? I doubt it! These type of social influencers further deepen our insecurities and make us believe that we should just take what we’re getting, regardless of what we actually deserve.

You are smart. You are kind. You are funny. And you are an independent woman. The only reason you should ever be with a guy is if he actually treats you right and gives you the kind of happiness you deserve, not because you’re scared you won’t find anyone else. -Continue reading on next page