Love Isn’t Something To Think About, It’s Something You Feel

A Posted 6 months ago
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When you choose to love, do so wholeheartedly. Don’t ever be halfhearted in your efforts.

Love is difficult. Love is terrible. Love is beautiful. Love is supposed to be easy. Love is complicated. Love is a lot of work. Love is effortless. There are just too many things going on. There are too many opinions of love. There are too many people who think too much about love. That’s where the problem lies. It doesn’t always have to be so complicated. It doesn’t always have to be so difficult. Or does it?

How many times in a day do people all around the world miss out on the chance for love because they think about it too much? How many times do people just talk themselves out of falling in love with someone? How many people in the world find themselves just locked up in their rooms thinking about love as opposed to actually putting themselves out there in a position to pursue it? That’s a great problem that no one seems to be talking about. In the age of information, people have placed so much value in knowledge and analysis. People always like to take an analytical and rational approach to everything. They no longer let their impulses or their instincts take over anymore. They always just choose to ignore their gut feelings. 

Whatever happened to just letting yourself fall in love? What ever happened to just letting fate take its course? What happened to just rolling the dice and hoping for the best? Sure love is always going to be a risk. But it’s a chance that people should always be willing to take. There is so much to gain from love. There is just too much to benefit from it. The positive prospects of experiencing what real love feels like should always get to outweigh the potential heartaches and disappointments.

Sure love has the power to scar and hurt people very deeply. But that’s always part of the deal. That’s what makes love even more worthwhile. We must all understand that life is the way that it is because of duality. We get to be happy whenever we experience good because we know what it feels like to experience sadness. We are absolutely euphoric whenever we eat good food because we know how terrible meals taste like. We are always very thankful when we are in good health because we know just how bad a sickness can make a person feel. It’s the same with love. It’s a whole different kind of bliss whenever we experience real love because we know the devastation that comes with heartache, loneliness, and disappointment. We should all just stop trying to rationalize things. There doesn’t always have to be a reason for everything. We have to learn to let go of our need to be in the know about everything in this universe. Yes, the pursuit of knowledge is good, but we must also learn to humble ourselves. We must learn to accept that there are some things in this life just can’t be explained, reasoned, or rationalized. One of those things is love. - Continue reading on the next page