Love or Freedom – Why Is it a Choice?

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 2 years ago
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To some, love is the greatest power of all - it frees them, brings life to their dull skies, a form of self-discovery path. To others, freedom’s the greatest liberator of all, a skin they can wear and be themselves under.

Is it love to feel free with someone else, or freedom that instills love inside our hearts? Which matters more? Which lasts longer?

Truth be told, both are just states of mind and a matter of pure perception to the one involved. And yet, we all find it exceptionally hard in our relationships about what to pick: love or freedom.

Everyone goes through breakups and heartache. Everyone gets to taste that poison. But the chain of events which lead to breakups are never as clear cut and obvious to get at as they depict them in movies and pop culture. What leads to the disintegration of a bond between two individuals is much harder to get at.... much harder than the clichéd reasons where someone messes it up; the guy left; the girl moved on and married; the guy met someone else; she cheated; he fell out of love and so on.

It’s disturbing how people wake up one day, realizing they don’t feel the same way they did for someone just a day ago, how abruptly they end things. Are there no alternatives? If you talk to older folks who’ve been in a successful relationships for the past 20 or so years, they will tell you they managed to make it work for that long because they decided to not throw things and worked harder at them. Love is never guaranteed, sure, especially when you have the rest of the world to contend with; as Lang Leav put it. If you love someone and are lucky enough to be loved back by them in return, why would you or your partner decide to walk away from each other just because you don’t know what future holds for you both? *Continue reading on next page*