To The Girl Who Has Loved Someone Who Didn’t Deserve Her

I respect you and I salute you! Because contrary to most people’s views, you are NOT stupid. You are not a dumb girl because you fell for that guy.

You are brave.

You are brave for your very act of loving someone like him. For having the strength to love someone who can’t love you the way you deserve to be loved. You are brave because even when it hurt like hell, you still decided to stay. Because even when he gives you every reason to walk away, you still choose him without thinking about it twice.

I salute you for your belief that it is possible for people to change. That one day, he just might realize how important you actually are. That one fine morning, he will finally learn to see and appreciate your efforts.

That a time will definitely come when he will acknowledge all the time and emotions you always invested in him. That in one special moment, he will come to his senses and finally realize how incredible you are, how good you’ve always been to him and how he needs to reciprocate the kind of love you truly deserve.

I salute you for trusting him with your entire heart and soul, even in the times when he refused to accept it. I salute you for allowing him to be a part of your life even when he won’t even do something as simple as holding the door for you. – Continue reading on next page