Man Thankful to Nurses and Staff for Treating His Dying Wife with More than Medicine

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Kindness is alive and well in this world, proved the staff and workers of Boston’s CHA Cambridge Hospital when a young man brought in his wife for treatment after a severe asthma attack. Laura Levis passed away after spending a hard week in the hospital with her husband, Peter DeMarco, by her side all the time.

The experience was obviously traumatizing for DeMarco and death of his wife that followed was probably the greatest loss of his life. But having enough positive energy left in him after the loss, he took the time out to thank the staff, workers and nurses of CHA Cambridge Hospital for their hospitality with which they treated his wife, him and their family.

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The world is not as bad a place as we think it is; DeMarco and his letter make us ponder over this fact. He wrote a letter to the caretakers of his wife who were ever so respectful towards her during the seven days she spent in the hospital before giving in. There is some good left in this world and evil still has not occupied all our hearts. Who, in this race of a world, cares about doing completely selfless deeds? - Continue reading on next page