9 ways a mature relationship differs from an immature one

A Posted 2 years ago
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Here are a few things that set apart a mature relationship from an immature one.

To know the difference, you have to be in such relationships. They may not necessarily have to be two different relationships; your relationship could simply transition from immaturity to maturity. In fact, that is the basic difference between the two; time. A mature relationship takes time to develop; it doesn’t even come close to love-at-first-sight or anything of the sort. It’s not something that keeps you up at nights, if anything; it helps you sleep more peacefully. Your life may treat you with a pile of problems, but a mature relationship wouldn’t add to them, rather help you through them.

Here are a few things that set apart a mature relationship from an immature one;

  1. There is no room for doubts in a mature relationship

You don’t have to worry about your partner’s loyalty or commitment, or the future of your relationship. You know for a fact that if they’re with you right now, it’s only because they see you in their future as well. And the way they treat you, you need not doubt their intentions. You feel a kind of reassurance in such relationships.

  1. Mature relationships fulfil all your needs

When you think about your relationship, you actually believe that it is the kind that offers you so much more than you could ever expect from any relationship. It doesn’t have you comparing your relationship to others, looking for flaws or for comfort either. The relationship is so fulfilling in every single way that you don’t even feel like something is missing. You don’t feel the need to constantly scrutinise it.