10 Reasons why men can’t handle a deep woman

Misty Renee Posted a year ago
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It takes a lifetime of pain, heart-wrenching experiences, and diverse personalities around you to reach a certain level of depth in your mind and heart.

While this is actually one of the greatest qualities to have for a woman, it also ends up making it difficult for her to find someone who she can share a long-lasting relationship with, someone who truly understands all parts of her, and someone who can give her true love and happiness.

Not every man has the courage and strength to handle a deep woman. Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. She will ask you the deepest questions. She will want to travel to the darkest corners of your mind and soul, probing further inside your life and asking you certain questions that you might not even be prepared to fully answer. It’s not possible for her to enjoy a shallow and superficial conversation, so she might find her digging deep and asking personal questions from the very first date.
  1. She stays honest… a little too honest and blunt sometimes. A deep woman is bound to hold her integrity very close so the one thing she truly believes in is staying honest with the people she loves. She will always reply with the truth to anything you ask her. And she will expect the same level of honesty from you.
  1. She knows exactly what she wants in life… or who she wants. She can tell right away if she likes you or not, and she definitely doesn’t need to explore all of her options and date around a lot in order to be completely sure of her own feelings. Her heart can only beat for a few special people and she can instantly tell who they are. - Continue reading on next page